The Thomas More Centre are proud to be the official sponsor for The 2016 Crossroads Pro-Life walk.

Crossroads is an international pro-life organization that sponsors pro-life walks every summer in several countries in order to help bring about a “Culture of Life” and a renewed respect for the dignity and sanctity of all human life, from the very beginning in the womb until natural death. This summer, Crossroads is sponsoring our 4th Annual pro-life walk in Australia. Made up of Australian young people, this walk will begin in Brisbane on 9 January 2016 and will finish in Melbourne on 6 February 2016. Over these 4 weeks, the walk will pass through most of the biggest cities in the country and cover over 1,600 km.


Watch the LifeSiteNews video of the Crossroads Australia walk here!

Watch our 5 minute US walk video here!


Welcome to the website of the Thomas More Centre.

The Thomas More Centre is an Australian organisation of Catholic youth which organises programs and activities designed to:
– deepen the knowledge and strengthen the practice of Catholic youth in their faith;
– study political, economic, cultural, bioethical and social issues in accordance with Church teaching ;
– assemble and train young Catholic leaders to defend the faith and to challenge the prevailing philosophies of utilitarianism, subjectivism, materialism, libertarianism and nihilism, which threaten it.
– presently this largely achieved through our training program, Young Political Activist Training (see www.ypat.org.au)